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Collet Chucks: What They are and When to Use Them

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 27, 2019. Posted in Tool

NEW TOOLSMachining has become more and more popular in recent years. In 2016 alone, there were estimates of the power tool market reaching $4.6 billion. If you need machine shop supplies, then knowing the ins and outs of which tools are necessary and which are less so can be a challenge.

That’s why we’re here to talk about collet chucks, which can be a big asset for you down the line. Learn more about why this is important in any tool set for mechanics.

What are Collet Chucks?

Collet chucks are the part of a tool that clamps down on a piece that needs to be attached to your tool for a specific job. Some advantages of this type of chuck is that it has faster acceleration speeds, it allows for fast clamping and change-outs, it is great in precise settings, and it is lighter weight than many other options.

Some drawbacks are that there are fewer size options and that it is best used with smaller parts with consistent diameters, making it a bit limited in what jobs that can be performed.

When Should I Use Mine?

Collet chucks can be used in a variety of settings, and there are many times when they are the only chuck for the job. For example, if weight control is an issue, these would definitely be a go-to option, as they will not overload the bearings on any of your tools or projects.

If your spindle speed is high, this is another instance where collet chucks are the right choice, as well as when you are working with smaller pieces. Keep in mind that, while it cannot be used with as many sizes, it makes up for it in speed. There are a lot of unique instances where a collet chuck will be the perfect choice for a specific project.

All in all, like every tool and part, a collet chuck serves an important purpose in bringing your machining projects that extra level of success.

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