Benefits of Modular Buildings

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 24, 2019. Posted in Church for sale, Modular construction, Used modular building

Modular buildings are fast becoming the construction method of choice for the ultimate in fast, cost-effective and efficient construction.

Among some of the basic benefits of modular construction buildings are that modular construction decreases design and construction time by up to 50%, with fewer change orders, earlier occupancy and improved cash flow. Permanent Modular Construction “PMC” are 60% to 90% completed in a factory-controlled environment, and transported and assembled at the final building site. With a controlled manufacturing environment, modular construction has fewer weather delays or damage than traditional construction. Produced in one-fifth the time and at half the cost of site-built homes, manufactured housing assembled in a controlled, factory environment uses fewer materials and generates 35%-40% less waste than comparable site-built units. Delivery times will vary depending on the needs of the project, but a modular building can be built and delivered in as qui