Facts On Circuit Board Prototyping

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 24, 2017. Posted in Circuit board prototyping, Pcb design and layout, Prototype circuit boards

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In 2007, Apple released the first version of the iPhone. The iPhone not only changed the smartphone industry it also would go on to change how we live our everyday lives. This can be said of technology as a whole as new technology is released to improve upon the previous versions of items that we use. As we reach new heights in technology it is important you know how to utilize it in order to stay on top of the ever-changing world. Here are some facts on circuit board prototyping.

Circuit board prototyping can be complex to those that are not engineers, which means most people. The prototype circuit board industry has worked to developed newer Continue Reading | No Comments

The Past, Present and Future of PCBs

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Printed circuit board

While many people have never heard of the printed circuit board (PCB), these little circuit boards make all of our electronic devices possible. The current methods of PCB fabrication are responsible for all of the advancements in our electronic technology.

To understand the importance of the PCB fabrication process, you need to understand what PCBs are. Printed circuit boards provide the electrical connection and mechanical support for the electronic devices and appliances we all use. The board components are connected with electrically conductive tracks made from copper that has been attached