4 Reasons You Need to Be Investing in LED Signs for Businesses

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 7, 2017. Posted in Commercial business signs, Led signs for schools, Marquee signs for businesses

Outdoor led display

Whether you like it or not, in-store advertising is still important for countless small businesses around the world. From flyers to promotional items and beyond, it’s important for businesses to use traditional methods to gain traffic.
One of the most successful methods of advertising for business is signage. However, traditional doesn’t always get the job done when it comes to signs for churches, schools, and small businesses. Here are just a few of the many reasons you should seriously consider investing in LED signs for businesses.
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How Many People See Your Company’s Sign a Day?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 27, 2016. Posted in Commercial business signs, Electronic signs for business, Full color led signs

Scrolling marquee signs

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The high school cafeteria scrolling marquee sign announced the new name of the show choir event.
After ten years of being called Singsation, the Omaha, Nebraska, show choir competition had to rebrand itself. Threatened with a lawsuit by a larger school district in Illinois who claimed that they owned the rights to that name, the Nebraska school district decided that they would rather comply with the Illinois school’s request than spend money in a legal battle.
The problem, however, was how to change the vernacular of a group of high school students, their parents, and their community. The same marketing team that helped the school design the new name, the new logo, and the