So You Want to Use a Private Jet

Written by Economic Development Jobs on January 27, 2019. Posted in Executive private jet, Private aircraft charter, Private jet membership

The word “luxury” is defined by a variety of things for different people. For you, luxury may mean a freezer full of the highest quality steaks and other edible delicacies. Or, luxury may mean a brand new home. You may define luxury as a Mercedes Benz or a Rolex watch. One of the most popular images that is drawn up in people’s minds by the word “luxury” is the charter plane, or private jet. Not much else screams “living the high life” like having an airplane all to yourself, perhaps while being catered to with delicious food and champagne. The idea of private jets is not one that many people even consider, but, if you have found yourself in a situation where you are seriously perusing private jet quotes, here is some important information for you before you go jetting off into the sunset.

So you want to charter a jet! Did you know that there is actually a big difference between these two common phrases in the air travel world: private aircraft flight and scheduled airline service