Taking A Closer Look At The Many Types of Signage Used In The United States

Written by Economic Development Jobs on February 5, 2019. Posted in Acrylic poster frame, Retail sign holders, Wall mounted brochure holders

Signage is incredibly commonplace all throughout the United States. From car wraps and decals to billboards that are both digital and traditional, there is certainly no shortage of off site signage. However, on site signage is also hugely important, even though many people might think that it has become all but obsolete with the advent and growth of online shopping and e-commerce as a whole.

Actually, however, this could not be further from the truth – and data backs up this claim. In fact, this data has even found that up to 77% of all people still actually purchase their goods in brick and mortar stores. After all, many simply like to view a product in person before they commit to a final purchasing decision, as this can help them to know that they are making a high quality purchase and one that they will not regret.

Therefore, the use of signage in stores is still very much important, and this signage is just as varied – if not even more so – than the many types of off sit