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Has Your Church Council Considered Using an Electronic Sign on Its Property?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 23, 2017. Posted in Electronic led signs, Municipal signs, Signs for municipalities

Outdoor church signs

It had been a hectic morning. After a full Saturday that included an early morning recital and ended with lawn work and some major organization work in the basement, it certainly would have been easier to sleep in than to go to church. Your better self prevailed, however, and you all made it out the door. Your 15-year old daughter would be teaching helping to teach the four year old Sunday School class and you and your wife would go to the church service.
As you approached the church, the church marquee signs rewarded you for your efforts. You know, of course, that listening to the message of the pastor and refueling for the week is reason enough to go to church, bu

From Hydraulic Load Cells To Torque Sensors Measurement Devices For Engineers

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 22, 2017. Posted in Strain, Tool, Torque measurements

Torque equation

Depending on the job or task at hand, most engineers need a variety of different types of equipment. Often, they might find themselves in need of a torque measurement product that can somehow be integrated into a piece of equipment. Torque measurement products need to be able to operate in a variety of different conditions — both very cold and very hot. For that matter, they need to be designed with withstand a good amount of stress, as well as with the sensors necessarily to properly measure force. Below, we’ll look into some of the different products on the market that can aid in force measurement, among other things.

Customer Satisfaction May Matter More Than Marketing

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 22, 2017. Posted in Competitive intelligence program, Customer service and customer experience

Consumer satisfaction survey questions

What makes you choose one product or service over another? Chances are, price is not the final deciding factor. The brand behind the product matters; if it didn’t, companies wouldn’t put so much strategy into their branding. As such, they do, and customers have come to expect a certain level of service from the brands they know and love.

But what makes one brand more successful than another? If you compare brands with similarly priced products or services, there are a few deciding factors that make one brand pull ahead of the rest.

Good Customer Service Means Better Reviews On Amazon.

If you were to compare similar products on Amazon

Three Benefits to Advertising Impulse Buys in a Store with Proper Signage

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 10, 2017. Posted in Price tags, Retail freezer display, Window sign holder with suction cups

Vinyl tag holders

Many stores stock impulse buy items in high traffic areas where customers can see them, knowing that if the item is in sight, chances are high that it will be picked up and purchased. Up to 10% of items that can be brought in a store can be labeled as an impulse buy item. But what is the best way to make them visible? It can be through custom retail displays, vinyl tag holders, and other forms of advertisement that will catch a customer?s eye. Here are three benefits to using interesting and creative signage to attract customers to impulse buys.

Signage Draws Attention to Items Customers Might Not Otherwise Notice

Many individuals who are sho