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Site Design and Other Issues Within the Construction Industry

Written by Economic Development Jobs on November 4, 2017. Posted in Civil engineer, Commercial construction, Mapping

Civil engineer

The United States construction industry is considered to be one of the largest markets within the world. Currently, this industry’s annual revenue is $1.731 trillion with expenditures that exceed $1,162 billion. In 2016 alone, for example, the value of non-residential local and state government construction was $257.6 billion. ConstructConnect’s forecast indicates that there will be an increase of 7.4% in residential construction spending during 2017, and non-residential spending is expected to increase by 5.5%.

Given the number of construction jobs underway, it’s not surprising there there are 7.8 million production workers within this industry. In order to construct a non-residential or residential structure, there are a number of steps that need to be completed before the project can even be started.