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Contact a Staffing Agency to Assist Your Company With Filling Essential Positions

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Staffing agencies in dallas

Has your company been experiencing staffing issues? Have any of your recently hired employees left their positions within a month or so of being hired? As you’re likely aware, employee turnover can cost your business from 30% to 150% of each employee’s salary. Then there is the additional time and effort involved with recruiting new employees to fill these positions.

Recent surveys show that many organizations face staffing and other issues with employees. According to 46% of human resources professionals, retention is a major concern. After issues with employee retention, 38% of human resource professionals indicate that employee

The Right Stone for Sale for Your Home Project

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Marble slabs for sale

A major life goal for many people is to own their very own home. The realization of this goal for so many becomes a significant milestone, and it marks the beginning of a new chapter in an individual or family’s life, allowing a whole new era to start. This shift can be felt on a personal level, as that sense of achievement or arriving settles certain anxieties or stresses that are often caused by a lack of stability or security.

Moving into a house that you can call your own allows you to have that sanctuary away from the bustle and chaos of everyday life and duties. But what most homeowners realize after arriving at that goal is that there are new responsibilities that come with that new set of keys. Home projects, depending on the house that you claim as your own, can add up quickly. But w

Five Business Tips to Increase your Business Knowledge and Profits

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Asset tracking

Small businesses often find it difficult to track income, inventory, and security preventions. However, without properly tracking this information, it is impossible to understand your exact financials and to know how well, or how poorly, your business is doing. These financial and inventory tracking tips will help you get your organization back in order.

Upgrade to a point of sale system
A point of sale system acts as an electronic cash register. Instead of counting the cash in the drawer at the end of the business day, your point of sale will track it all day long. Additionally, using a point of sale system can reduce employee theft, because you know exactly how much should be in the system, every minute of the day. If you are finding it difficult to justify the upgraded cost

Have You Been Injured in a Workplace Accident?

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Osha fall protection training

Going to work should be about doing your job and earning a paycheck.
The day that you go to work and end up being injured, however, is he day that the going to work and earning a paycheck can change forever. From doctor’s and hospital bills to making rehabilitation appointments, recovering from a work injury is often a long process.
Companies know that work place accidents are life changing events and they are required by law to do everything that they can to make every work space safe. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is an agency whose main purpose is to make sure that work places across the country are safe. From outlining OSHA fall protection guidelines to co

How To Improve Customer Service Experiences

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Experience of customer service

In the United States, there are a large number of small business owners that work to keep their business alive. For many of these business owners, they look to get ahead of other small businesses by doing small things to help improve their image even to improve their customer experience services. Not only will these small business owners have to compete against other small businesses, they also have to work to stay ahead of large-scale corporations and that is not easy.

Small business owners often work to separate their business and product from other products and businesses by focusing on the thing that other corporations often overlook. This includes the concept of working to improve their customer experience services. Customer Continue Reading | No Comments

Are You Looking for a Reliable Billing Company You Can Outsource Your Monthly Tasks To?

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Electronic invoice processing

Professionally printed invoices send a strong statement to both your customers and your clients. The process of producing those professionally printed invoices may be more than you are able to handle. In fact, when it comes to the billing and payroll processes, many companies make sure that they outsource these important tasks. By making the decision to outsource billing, for instance, companies can make sure that their billing is more accurate, more secure, and more efficient. For both small and large companies, the decision to outsource billing and payroll Continue Reading | No Comments

The Value of Making Charitable Donations Help Military Families and the Environment

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Donations to veterans

Charity organizations benefit from the donations received by individuals, families, and organizations within the United States. During 2014 alone, the total giving received by charity organizations was $358.38 billion. A recent survey showed that 42.7% of charitable givers donated more during holiday seasons, while 44.4% donated around the same amount throughout the year.

When preparing items for donation, many Americans choose to give to the Military Order of the Purple Heart. This organization provides veterans and their families with a variety of services. It also assists wounded veterans as well as the families left behind by the men and women who have lost their lives in service to this co

What Your Organization Should Know About Groundwater Remediation

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Polluted water

As a modern corporation, environmental consciousness is essential. But even though you do everything you can to protect the surrounding area from pollution, accidents do happen. If your organization recently had an incident that may have polluted the surrounding groundwater, taking action to address this dirty water is essential. This is where a solid remediation plan comes in.

Groundwater remediation will help the community around you get clean water even after a pollution event. Through groundwater environmental services, you can clean up the area around your organization and start fresh.

The Most Common Types Of Remediation

Environmental remediation con

The Top 3 Things to Focus on If You Want a Better Online Presence

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Social media

In our increasingly digital world, digital marketing, good website design, and consumer engagement through social media and other online advertising is more important than ever. But when we say “digital marketing,” what do we really mean? How can websites improve their online presence — and how does that translate into sales or a broader consumer base? Let’s talk about how you can keep your business up to date with the changing times and continue to expand and be successful. Making a plan for your digital marketing sounds like a logical first step, but shockingly half of companies who are using digital marketing don’t have one! Evaluating the market and charting

How Environmental Consulting Professionals Aid Water Shortage Problems

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Engineering firm

The research and investigation of water supplies is important to our planet and its sustainability. With so many sources of water and yet, such a little supply of consumable drinking water available, engineering firms are constantly looking for new sources of water. The following techniques and tools are a crucial part of the research for new water sources.

Advanced environmental consulting services
Environmental consulting professionals are knowledgeable in what makes a water source consumable. They are a