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Why LED Signs Provide the Right Amount of Attention

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 26, 2018. Posted in Electronic business sign, Gsa led sign design, Outdoor led display

You’ve probably noticed digital LED signs while driving or out running your weekly errands. LED signs for municipalities, schools, and businesses are increasing in popularity as a fun and easy way to communicate with others. If you don’t already have outdoor LED signs as part of your marquee, here are a few reasons to consider it.

They’re Effective

Many businesses and municipalities believe that they need to invest only in inbound marketing and search engine optimization in order to be successful. In fact, on-site and roadside LED signs are a very effective way to reach clients, patients, patrons, and customers. About three in five adults attend events or visit restaurants based on outdoor signage, and over a third of all customers discover new businesses from their marquee signs. About 70% of all customers also make their shopping decisions while they’re in the car, so having an outdoor LED display may be all that you need to get the attention you want.