5 Dangers of Neglecting to Shred Documents

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 15, 2018. Posted in Best shredding services, Mobile shredding company, Portland oregon document shredding

Nearly every business in the world uses paper to create documents. While businesses are making the switch to keeping data stored online, it’s impossible to completely do away with the need for physical documents. Considering that, it’s important that you’re shredding documents that are no longer needed. With that in mind, here are five dangers your business faces by not shredding company documents.

  1. Breaking the Law

    While you might think that document shredding is a choice, it often isn’t. Many companies are required by law to destroy information in a secure manner. Throwing out documents in the trash does not mean they’re destroyed and can actually get your company into a lot of trouble. If you’re finding it difficult to find the time to shred documents, consider scheduled shredding. This enables a document shredding company to automatically schedule times to take care of this matter.
  2. Stolen Identities

    You’ve likely heard about identity theft. One reason for this is because cases of identity theft have risen. In fact, statistics from 2016 found that identity theft cases rose 16% from the previous year. Businesses are going to have information about the company itself, workers, and customers that must be shredded. Statistics show that 90% of all identity theft cases obtained printed information rather than anything found online. Many businesses contact professional shredding services in order to have these documents safely destroyed.
  3. Threat of Lawsuits

    If you’re leaving customer and employee information in the hands of identity thieves, it could spell disaster for your company. Many large corporations have had to make deals to payout massive amount of money after losing data breach court cases. Don’t make this avoidable mistake with your business. Statistics show that corporate identity theft costs companies in the United States $48 billion per year. Considering that statistics, it’s wise to schedule your shredding services regularly and you’ll have peace of mind throughout the year.
  4. Avoiding a Cluttered Office

    It takes a lot of equipment to run a business. As your company grows, space can become a critical concern. Unfortunately, many businesses are wasting usable space by storing documents that would be better off shredded. You might find that all the space you’ve saved through having documents shredded enables you to purchase a new piece of office equipment you’ve been wanting.
  5. Reducing the Possibility of Fires

    Another danger caused by storing documents in your office is the potential for fires. It only takes one mistake for a fire to start, especially where a lot of paper is present. Considering that, it’s wise to schedule your shredding to eliminate the potential the potential for a fire from lots of paper stored within a confined space.

In conclusion, companies face many dangers by refusing to have documents shredded. otalsecureshredding.com/paper-shredding-news-commentary/1449/did-you-know-that-shredding-is-environmentally-friendly/” Title=”Document disposal, Purge documents”>If you’re looking to schedule your shredding of company documents, you’re making a wise decision. However, it’s important to you choose the right type of shredding service. You’ll find it’s best to choose a company in your local area. This ensures that you’re able to meet personally with representatives from a shredding company, rather than always having to speak to someone over the phone or through email.

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