Prescriptions for Needed Medications Can Come with Low Copays or High Prices

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No parent wants to get a phone call from a college student 12 hours from home that the doctor has again diagnosed strep throat. With a third prescription for antibiotics in a year and half, the strep throat diagnosis is concerning. And while on the one hand the parents are concerned about the health of their daughter, they are also concerned about the price of this latest prescription.
From the required qualified person services involved with drugs that are transported from one country to another to the extensive testing and patenting process, the cost of some drugs are prohibitive. In the case of Continue Reading | No Comments

Clinical Packaging Solutions Why Our Medicine Packaging Matters

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Our mastery of modern medicine is the very thing that allows us to overcome debilitating illness, chronic conditions, and other ailments that would not be possible if not for centuries of accumulated human knowledge. As of 2010 there were 271.4 million prescription drugs ordered by doctors, nurses, and pharmacies for hospital emergency room visits; that number has increased significantly to this day. Right now around three-quarters of all medical visits involve some kind of drug therapy with around half of all Americans claiming that they have used a prescription drug over the past 30 days. Although medicine can heal, if used incorrectly it may have the potential to do more harm than good; for this reason secure clinical packaging from pharmaceutical packaging companies are a must for the pharmaceut