Clinical Packaging Solutions Why Our Medicine Packaging Matters

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Our mastery of modern medicine is the very thing that allows us to overcome debilitating illness, chronic conditions, and other ailments that would not be possible if not for centuries of accumulated human knowledge. As of 2010 there were 271.4 million prescription drugs ordered by doctors, nurses, and pharmacies for hospital emergency room visits; that number has increased significantly to this day. Right now around three-quarters of all medical visits involve some kind of drug therapy with around half of all Americans claiming that they have used a prescription drug over the past 30 days. Although medicine can heal, if used incorrectly it may have the potential to do more harm than good; for this reason secure clinical packaging from pharmaceutical packaging companies are a must for the pharmaceutical world.

Blister Packaging

Blister packaging combines PVC plastic and foil to
create a secure, thicker, and more durable package for any product. Due to its ability to fold over onto itself, a blister package is often referred to as a clamshell; this clinical packaging method is becoming one of the most popular on the market due to the compact size and individual dosages that patients can receive. Many pharmaceutical companies believe that blister packaging is the best form of clinical packaging because they are not only able to fit a large amount of product to be effectively packaged in a small amount of time, but blister packaging also enables the packager to include advertisements, coupons, and other special offers that can help influence future purchases.

Bottle Filling

Plastic bottles have been used for decades as the default method of medicine distribution. The liners and seals on a bottle package help ensure that the product remains untouched by outside substances and helps to assure the consumer that their product has remained untampered with. The cap on top of the bottle comes in a variety of styles including child-safe, snap-off, and twist-off caps to suit the consumer’s unique needs. Perhaps the greatest innovation in recent years is the introduction of pharmaceutical serialization solutions that offer a greater degree of safety to the consumer — by using the unique serial number on each prescription, pharmacists are able to track prescriptions down in the event of recalls, consumer warnings, or other issues that require the attention of consumers.

Packing Liquid Products

Medicine comes in many forms, including liquid medicine. Liquid products are typically packaged in pouches or sachets that help to provide an easy opening and disposal for the consumer’s convenience. Like bottle packaging, liquid packaging has a number of options including child-safe seals, strip seals, and easy to open rip and tear pouches. In addition to liquids, many powdered products come in sachets including herbal supplements and other dissolvable products. An added benefit of pouch packaging is the ability for the pharmacist to offer pre-measured doses to the consumer, ensuring that the consumer receives the proper dose each and every time. As advancements continue to push the field of medicine further, no doubt will better clinical packaging solutions come to light in order to accommodate the medicine of tomorrow.

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