Using an Induction Furnace

Written by Economic Development Jobs on November 14, 2018. Posted in Induction furnace inductotherm, Induction heater

In today’s world of industry, working with metals is essential for the construction of nearly anything from cars and trucks to tractors, electrical appliances, and much more. Metals occur naturally in the earth, such as iron, nickel, and copper, but today’s manufacturing demands high quality alloys and other metals such as steel. Different alloys are used for various conditions that normal metals cannot endure, such as extreme heat or cold, salty water, high pressure, corrosive acids or gases, stress, and more. Often, an alloy will be tailor made for an environment such as inside a train engine or a pipe running through miles of salty ocean water, and there are recipes, to put it one way, of alloys based on how they are intended to be used. These alloys and other metals come from an induction furnace, where all kinds of industrial work can happen, such as induction hardening, steel melting, and more for building machine spare parts and much more. Replacement parts for these furnaces an