All You Need is a Shipping Container and your Imagination

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Portable concession stands

When you think of shipping containers, you might likely tend to think only about the massive containers that cross the seas taking goods to and from foreign lands. You might think of the kind of ship that is bigger than many warships, using the oceans as their own unique roads. But before you limit your understanding of new and used shipping containers to what you saw on the ship in the movie Captain Philips, open up your imagination. There are many ways to make use of new and used shipping containers.

Tere are 17 million shipping containers of various shapes and sizes out there today and only 6 million of them are being put to one use or another. That means there are 11 million used shipping cont

Container Pop up Shops — Creative Use of Used Shipping Containers

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New storage containers for sale

Have you always wanted to have a little shop where you can sell things you love and make a living out of catering to a specific need of people? Starting a small shop can be a very successful business in the making, and with the right ingredients, it can blossom into quite the happening joint where customers can come, get things they need and like, and recommend the place to others. Building up reputation and offering quality products can turn your venture into a grand success, and the only hurdle is getting to start things off.

Setting up shop requires certain things. Time and money are prime requirements for any new business, but when it comes to starting a shop, there are other considerations as well. You need to decide on branding and what kind of products you want to sell. This do