The Science Behind Advertisments

Written by Economic Development Jobs on June 26, 2018. Posted in Acrylic brochure display stands, Outdoor pedestal signs, Product stand display

The average buyer in America sees 3,000 ads and messages every day urging them to do something or buy something. Whether it’s a clear plastic hanging sign or something seen on brochure display racks, signage affects everyone. There’s a reason that people respond so well to the messages in a clear plastic hanging sign: respond so well, in fact, that merchandise sold at full price sells 18% better just by having a sign! Scientists have long been curious about the way people respond to signage, and it turns out there are some scientific explanations for this reality of human behavior.

  • People start watching and noticing from the moment they are born. When children are born, their visual systems are not fully developed and they’re not actually able to see much. What’s am