Stay Safe on the Work Site With OSHA Fall Protection Training

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 30, 2016. Posted in Steel chain, Steel rope, Webbing slings

Wire rope sling

When it comes to the workplace, your safety is the top priority. It’s especially important on industrial work sites to have the necessary knowledge to keep yourself and your coworkers safe at all times. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or OSHA, uses a 3-step process to prevent hazardous conditions and keep employees protected at work, which are to plan, provide, and train.
The planning aspect involves being prepared for any possible safety hazards that may arise on a given work site. In order to be adequately prepared, the correct equipment must be provided. Just as importantly, knowledge of how to safely use that equipment must be obtained as well.

Employers must protect their workers by providing both fall protection and the correct equipment for the job at hand, i