How ot Make Sure that Your Fire System is Working Correctly

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Fire protection

It’s important to maintain your fire sprinkler systems whether you own a business or are just talking about the system in your own home. Having fire alarm systems and fire sprinklers are so important to keeping the people inside the buildings safe. The great thing about sprinklers is that it can put out smaller fires without major damage to anything. Granted, if the system is in an office that uses a large amount of electronics, having a sprinkler system might not be the best idea. In those cases you may want some sort of electrically safe fire suppression system. In any case, there are several things that you should do in order to make sure that you are protecting your building and the people inside.

Have it Professionally Installed
The first thing that you want to do is have the fire alarm or sprinkler or other suppression system installed by a qualified professional. Even if it seems fairly simply this is not something you should do yourself. By installing it yourself you might set something up wrong and the system will not trigger when it needs to. You also won’t have the guarantee and warranty on the product if something malfunctions or goes wrong.

Get Periodical Fire Sprinkler Inspections
Getting fire sprinkler inspections is important because you need to have the peace of mind that it is always functioning correctly. The last thing you want is for there to be an emergency and the system to malfunction right then. When a system is sitting for a long period of time then there are certain things that can wear down because they are not being exercised. Having fire sprinkler inspections done regularly will help to make sure that there won’t be any fatal surprises if or when the time comes to use the system.

Do the Necessary Maintenance
There are certain things that you can do yourself in order to keep the system functioning properly. Keeping it clean and clear it a main one. If you are going to perform any tests yourself then make sure that you inform the alarm company that this is what you are planning to do. The reason for this is that the tests might trigger the alarm system which will alert the alarm company. If they aren’t able to reach you at that point then they will end up having to alert the fire department and dispatch fire trucks and firemen to come and check on your establishment.

Run Fire Drills Every So Often
It doesn’t matter if you are at home or running a business, running fire drills is critical to survival in the event of a fire. It is medically proven that if you repeat a motion over and over again then your body will build muscle memory and you will be able to do the action without thinking. The same goes for fire drills. If you practice enough then if a real fire happens, everyone will already know what to do and there will be a lot less panic and chaos.

Replace and Renew As Necessary
There are certain parts that are going to need replacement or refreshing and renewal from time to time. This even goes for when the system has not been used. Sometimes it’s especially true when a system has been sitting stagnant for awhile. You might even want to consider adding a water meter if necessary. Keeping parts up to date is crucial to proper function.

If you can follow these steps then you will be doing every a service in the long run. People prefer to live and work in places where they know that they are going to be protected and safe. If there’s a chance that there could be a fire in one end of the building and no one knows about it until it spreads out of control, then people are going to be less likely to want to stay there long term. If you run a business, you may not even be able to get insurance if you don’t have some sort of fire suppression system and have fire sprinkler inspections done every so often. Stick with the above tips and you won’t go wrong.

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