How to Choose a Spray Foam Machine

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 16, 2018. Posted in Concrete lifting equipment, Concrete lifting foam, Foam insulation machine

As much as 40% of any buildings energy can be lost because air filtration is poor, and the EPA estimates that better insulation good/the average monthly energy bill for any building by about 20%. This is just one reason for recent developments in spray foam business and the interested people are taking in spray foam insulation is an inexpensive and easy way to improve the building. If you’re looking for spray foam distributors are considering spray foam machine costs, you some basics that you need to know about the spray foam equipment you’ll need.

The Different Types of Spray Foam Machines

Before you worry about spray foam machine cost, is important to decide which type of machine you one to use. The right machine is the one that is most cost-effective for your needs but is also easy to use. If you’re going to be using it often, longevity is also consideration. There are three types of machines that you can generally choose from:

  1. Electric
  2. Pneumatic
  3. Hydaulic

Electric Machines

the electric spray foam machines are the most popular in the first choice that will come up as you search for spray foam machine costs. They’re capable of delivering between 20 and 30 pounds per minute of insulating material, which is only a medium delivery range. This makes them ideal for residential construction or small commercial projects.

Pneumatic Machines

Pneumatic spray foam machines, also known as air-driven machines, are the easiest to use for beginners. They produce about 25 pounds of material per minute and if you’re concerned about spray foam machine costs, pneumatic machines are generally the cheapest to rent or buy. They do require an air compressor, however, and there output numbers make them best suited to residential use or small commercial applications.

Hydraulic Machines

The hydraulic machines are the biggest and capable of the largest output. These can typically put out between 30 pounds and 50 pounds of material in a minute. This makes them suitable for any type of construction application. While these are more expensive machines, they also have longer lifespans. Most electric machines will be dead in 7 to 10 years. Hydraulic machines tend to last more like 12 years. They also need to be rebuilt less often because the sprayers cycle less.

What Does it Cost?

Spray foam machine cost is about more than the initial outlay. If you have a pneumatic machine, for example, you also have to take into consideration the need to have compressed air regularly available and how feasible it is for you. Cheaper machines typically end up costing more in the end because the parts must be frequently replaced. Not only departs cost money, but it costs money to pay for the labor as well as the downtime dealing with broken machines.

It is usually a good bet to go with a national distributor of high quality machines. Not only will you be assured of minimal maintenance, but you can expect faster responses if issues do arise. Nicer machines will also have alarms and integrated systems to prevent bad foam from being sprayed out. This will help preserve your reputation and the integrity of the buildings that you work on and is a valuable asset on a spray foam machine.

If you’re thinking of getting a spray foam machine, stay within your budget but always buy the best you can afford. In the end, this will actually save you money.

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