How to Chose a Unique Sympathy Gift

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Pendant for ashes

When a loved one dies, it is important to some people to have memorial keepsakes of one kind or another to remember the deceased by. Urns, which are ash containers of an ornamental style, are popular. There are even pet urns for ashes now. Mourning jewelry is considered by some to be one of the best sympathy gifts; its ability to comfort the mourning depends on the person receiving it.

Pet Urns for Ashes.

Cremation was already being practiced by the Roman Empire from 27 B.C. to 395 A.D. Even then, people desired to have a cremation urn for ashes of loved ones. Elaborately decorated urns were commonly stored not in homes, but in special buildings called columbariums. Pet Urns for ashes have been around since the 1980s, according to the pet cremation site Peternity. The Cremation Association of North America, or CANA, has determined that there has been a 20% increase in cremation rates over the last 10 years, so perhaps it is not surprising that more pet owners are choosing to keep a remembrance of their pets in this way.

Unique Sympathy Gifts.

Mourning jewelry has not been around for as long as cremation. There is evidence pieces were in use sometime around the 16th century. Today, we remember how the Victorian Era mass produced these unique sympathy gifts, which dramatically increased the trend’s popularity. People would take a lock of hair to be placed in a locket or pocket watch. Mourning jewelry can be a simple piece that reminds the wearer of the deceased, or it can be a discreet cremation pendant on a necklace or bracelet. Even pet urns for ashes can be made into jewelry.

A mourning keepsake is meant to bring comfort. It is different than a photograph, which is only a picture of the deceased. Keepsakes for ashes are give a more visceral comfort because they contain a physical part of the deceased. While that may be a morbid thought to some, it does reassure the people who are in the throes of grief. Cremation is becoming a more popular choice than the traditional burial, as statistics on funeral trends show. Mourning jewelry can be a unique sympathy gift for family or friends going through a difficult time.

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