Improve Product Design and Development With Customizable Fasteners

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Every year, there are over 200 billion different types of fasteners used within the United States. It’s interesting to note that the use and concept of the screw first appeared around 200 B.C. In the beginning, screws were obviously made by hand, which resulted in a lack of uniformity. As technology advanced, it became possible to create standardized screws.

Screw Thread Standardization and Industry Growth

Screw threads became standardized thanks to the efforts of the National Screw Thread Commission in 1928. When this standard was established, both uniformity and interchangeability became possible. There has been a considerable amount of growth within this industry, which includes technological advancements, employment opportunities, and revenue. Currently, there are 131,949 people employed within the U.S. screw, nut, and bolt industry. In 2017 alone, manufacturing revenue amounted to $30 billion.

Two Effective Types of Screws and Their Features

Hi-lo screws can be effectively used with plastic materials. There are several reasons why this type of screw is preferred for plastics. This is because material displacement and stress is reduced due to hi-lo screws having a reduced minor diameter. Hi-lo screws also have both a double-lead high and low thread. There is a 30-degree thread form in the high thread, which is important because it contributes to reducing material displacement. Furthermore, positive thread engagement continues to be accomplished.

SEMS screws can be adapted to a variety of applications. They are composed of two pre-assembled parts, with washers located under their heads. This makes SEMS screws permanent fasteners that are fast and easy to use. Another benefit of these screws is that they provide a low-cost option.

Two Types of Thread Lockers

Inert thread lockers and reactive thread lockers are the two main types available. A secure fastening lock can be created with prevailing torque, or inert thread locking. It’s important to note that these thread lockers are vibration and shock-resistant, which makes them a popular choice for a wide variety of products.

Contact a Screw Manufacturer to Learn More

Since you design and produce unique products, there’s an excellent chance that your business is interested in learning more about fastener options. In addition to miniature and micro screws, customizable screws are also available. When you have the right type of miniature fasteners, it makes a difference when your product development engineers are designing smaller devices.

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