The Importance of Exhaust Fans in Your Bathroom

Written by Economic Development Jobs on July 15, 2016. Posted in Commercial centrifugal fans, Commercial roof exhaust fans, Pennbarry fans

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A commonly forgotten detail of a homeowner’s bathroom is the exhaust fan. Exhaust fans come with many benefits, and are vital to any bathroom. Here are some reasons why.

First off, what is the purpose of an exhaust fan?

The primary reason one would choose to have an exhaust fan in their bathroom is to remove the moisture from the air. They also do their part to reduce hazardous fumes from potentially harmful cleaning agents. Overall, they filter the air in the bathroom and make it pleasant to breathe.

Some benefits of installing exhaust fans into your bathroom:

Odor control

For many, this is by far one of the largest benefits. If there are any unpleasant odors in the bathroom, they will be easily eliminated with the help of a fan. The ventilation system will clean out the bathroom no matter the smell, so your bathroom will stay pleasant for the next person to go in.

Humidity control

Everyone likes to take warm baths or showers, but unfortunately the humidity and steam put into the bathroom from them can cause havoc on the bathroom’s structure. The paint and/or wallpaper can peel if the humidity is stagnant, and it can cause doors to warp. In worst case scenarios, mold can grow and you will be left with a toxic, dangerous substance that will be hard to eliminate. Plus, steam that has no place to go will cause a hot, stuffy, and uncomfortable bathroom which is unpleasant once odors accumulate. So in order to fix all of these issues, it is best to invest in an exhaust fan.

Reduces fumes

Harsh bathroom cleaners can leave smells in the air that can be dangerous to children and the elderly who have weakened immune systems. In addition, these fans will be able to eliminate mold spores that are growing, which cuts down on potential health safety risks.

In order to get the most use out of your exhaust fan, it is important to select one based on the size of your bathroom. To calculate the size you will need, take the volume of the room, and divide the space by five. Keep in mind that bathrooms that have ceilings higher than eight feet may require additional ventilation, which could require a couple exhaust fans.

Next time you remodel your bathroom, make sure to include an exhaust fan! Research more like this.

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