Three Reasons Why Hiring a Green Cleaning Service is a Good Idea

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Today, there are many different types of cleaning services. Some specialize in cleaning offices, while others like to focus on an individual?s home. One popular option that is starting to take off is green cleaning services. These companies insure that a home or office area is fully clean while using only green cleaning products. These are natural, and either made with minimal chemicals or none at all, and often use products that are not disposable when possible, such as microfiber cleaning technology. Read on to discover the many benefits of using such a service.

Using Green Cleaning Services Insures Cleaner Air

Almost all individuals (over 95%) are worried about catching some kind of illness at their job. Because of this, it is imperative that environments be as clean as possible, preferably with daily and nightly cleaning. Because indoor air can be more polluted than the air that is outdoors, it is important to use natural solutions whenever possible. The EPA suggests that because chemicals can make an environment over 90% more polluted than outside, that it would pay to use a green cleaning service. By getting rid of excessive use of paper towels and instead using microfiber cleaning technology, this cuts down on the amount of chemicals left behind.

The Benefits of Green Cleaning Include Lower Chances of Disease Such as Cancer

Those who use a green cleaning service will find there are many benefits. Besides having the area smell fresh with little to no residue or cleaning products, those who use such a service are less likely to develop cancer than individuals who use chemical-laden cleaning products. Over 70% of all cancers are caused by one?s environment, rather than a person?s body. Some of this can be affected by carcinogens found in cleaning products. This can be avoided by using all natural solutions.

Less Waste is Involved With Green Cleaning Services

When using a green cleaning service, individuals will find they are dealing with less waste. This is because many cleaning companies that focus on green cleaning will use newer innovations, such as microfiber cleaning technology instead of paper towels. This means less waste overall, saving the environment and generally costing less, since the cleaner is not having to constantly refresh their supply of paper towels and other paper products used for their service.

There are many reasons why individuals should consider using a green cleaning service. Doing so means that the air will be cleaner, since these services do not rely on using heavy chemical products to get the job done. It is also less likely that those who make use of the service will put themselves at risk of cancer, since they are not using chemical-laden products that are known for leaving long-lasting effects behind. Finally, there is less waste involved with such services, since they do not use an abundance of paper products to clean and later throw away.

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