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Handling Bankrupty and Computer Intrusions

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 16, 2018. Posted in Bankruptcy, Employment discrimination, Information privacy

Today’s world is one of ultra-connectivity, with personal computers handling everything from high finance to private file sharing. Computers and the Internet can make big business and law easier and faster to navigate than ever before, but it carries new risks as well. Computer intrusion is a very real threat, and its consequences can be serious. But with the right know-how and defenses, a person’s or company’s cyber-security and assets can stay safe.

The Menace of Computer Intrusion

According to PC Mag, computer intrusion is defined simply as access to a computer without proper authorization. This can take multiple forms, and for different purposes. Blackmail, spreading spam, and deleting files are common intentions, but computer intrusions can be even more sinister. Often, the intruder scours the computer’s files for sensitive information: addresses, names, and most of all, any data related to money a