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The Many Uses of Shipping Containers

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A lot of the world’s freight is delivered by ocean, and massive sea vessels carry endless cargo inside steel shipping containers. Many people have seen images of such shipping containers before. They are huge steel boxes, often painted red, white, or blue, and they can hold a lot of cargo. Such containers are central to modern shipping, but it should be noted that not all current shipping containers are being used. Over half of them have been retired and are laying around, and many people see them as a resource to be used. Such boxes can be melted down for steel, or these shipping containers can be repurposed into something new. A mobile office can be made out of such a shipping container, for example, or such storage containers can be made into coffee shops, fast food restaurants, or even tiny homes. This is often a great way to remove unused steel containers from storage and provide ready-made frames for new buildin

The Benefits of Factoring Financing

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Many industries exist in the United States today, and they are highly diverse in what they do. Some are farms or manufacturers, producing everything from grain to automobiles to computer parts and kids’ toys. Other businesses provides services, such as IT for client businesses or maid cleaning services for hotels. And other businesses deal with freight, making them carrier companies. Many of these diverse businesses are on the smaller side; nearly 28 million small businesses can be found across the United States today, and together, they do a lot of work. Carriers, meanwhile, make their profit from charging invoices to their shipper clients, but these invoices take time to pay, and payments are sometimes late. This is how factoring financing can help. Freight broker companies or business factoring companies can offer freight inv

Ideas for the Protection and Repair of Books

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Despite the rise in technology, books are still a super common thing. Whether you’re a student with text books that get you through your classes, a worker at a library, or just an avid reader you probably handle books on a regular basis.

Whoever you are and whatever your reason for caring about books, it’s good to know how to protect and care for them. They are relatively fragile and prone to wear and tear. Maybe you read books to your children every night and they have that special on that is their absolute favorite, so you want to keep it in good condition. Perhaps you work at a library and want to keep the property of the library safe and sound.

If you want some ideas on how to take care of the books in your life, then read on to learn about book tape, covers, and more.

Book Protection

A good place to start is with protecting your books. One way to do this is by purchasing covers for them. There is a variety of cloth covers that you can get to help avoid da

Benefits of Modular Buildings

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Modular buildings are fast becoming the construction method of choice for the ultimate in fast, cost-effective and efficient construction.

Among some of the basic benefits of modular construction buildings are that modular construction decreases design and construction time by up to 50%, with fewer change orders, earlier occupancy and improved cash flow. Permanent Modular Construction “PMC” are 60% to 90% completed in a factory-controlled environment, and transported and assembled at the final building site. With a controlled manufacturing environment, modular construction has fewer weather delays or damage than traditional construction. Produced in one-fifth the time and at half the cost of site-built homes, manufactured housing assembled in a controlled, factory environment uses fewer materials and generates 35%-40% less waste than comparable site-built units. Delivery times will vary depending on the needs of the project, but a modular building can be built and delivered in as qui

Choosing the Right Type of Theater Curtains

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Each year, many people attend conferences. In fact, research shows that 62.4% of organizers plan conferences on a regular basis. Considering that, many of these events allow speakers to give presentations. These presentations often occur in theaters, allowing speakers to talk to large audiences. Before these types of events begin, it’s wise to make sure your theater has the right type of curtains. In this post, you’ll learn how to select curtains for your indoor theater.

Choosing the Right Type of Theater Curtains

Before purchasing theater curtains, it’s important to do a bit of research. It’s understandable to wonder how to choose theater draping. With that in mind, here is how to select the right type of theater curtains.

Selecting the Right Type of Curtain Material

It’s important to choose the right type of drapery fabric. Fortunately, there are several popular types of theater draping fabric to choose from. Many people prefer the look and feel of plush t

The Many Uses of Laser Cutting

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One of the most popular cutting processes used in manufacturing processes today is laser cutting. It allows for quick, precise cuts that can get through materials that other forms of cutting can’t. It’s used in a variety of applications from searing through metal to engraving on plastic, metal, glass, or wood.

If you’re curious about laser cutting and engraving and want to know more about what these lasers can do, read on from a list of applications they are used for.

Custom Laser Cutting Acrylic Parts

Acrylic is a durable plastic that has been used to replace glass in many applications today. Lasers can be used to cut it down into the right size and shape for the project at hand. The acrylic can be used in just about any situation where a cheaper glass replacement is needed from screens to shelving. Custom laser cutting acrylic makes the process faster and easier and reduces scrap.

Laser Engraving

3 Reasons to Use Stainless Steel for Food Processing

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For companies that work in industries that process foods, there are a number of materials that are available to use. One material that has proven itself over and over is stainless steel. The reasons it is such a good material for food processing are that it is extremely durable, easy to work with, is great at being germ resistant and is very easy to clean. From using sanitary clamps to stainless steel sanitary strainers, working with this material can make a big difference in the success of your business. Here are some of the reasons you should take a look at stainless steel for your food processing needs:

  1. You will not have to worry about rust. It is impossible to have a sanitary clamp if the tool is covered with rust. There are a lot of metal products out there made from metals other than steel that just have been around a long time. None of the other metals is as able to resist rust than steel. Stainless steel cannot stain, corrode, or rust. Moreover, high-pressure wa

Using Cable Chokers and Slings to Lift Cargo

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A number of industries in the United States involve manual labor and working with large, heavy loads, such as logging or construction. These industries, and their workers, need the right hardware to get a good day’s work done, and this may include a cable choker, a logging choker, cable and rigging products of all kinds, or web slings. Safety comes first, of course, for both human life and for property. So, workers should always be careful that they are using the correct hardware or cable choker for the job, and that the cable choker or sling in question is in good shape and is rated for certain weights. If a cable choker is not strong enough for the job, a sling may be used instead. In what cases is a cable choker the best option, or when should a sling be used? And where does worker safety fit into a construction project?

Are You Working on an Invention That Requires Consistent Fluid Flow Regulation?

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We often think that all of the advancements that are made in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics are a product of today’s world. The fact of the matter is, however, many of today’s new products and ideas often rely on simple ideas, machines, and parts that were developed years ago. Triple offset butterfly valves, for instance, have been around since the early 1930s. Used in various industries like heating and cooling, oil and gas, power generation, pulp and paper, shipbuilding, and water and wastewater treatment, this is a piece of equipment that has been essential for nearly a century. And while there will certainly be new developments made by today’s STEM field, it is important to realize that even the latest products will always rely on a perfect combination of old ideas and platforms with latest dreams. In fact, if every inventor, scientist, and engineer had to start from scratch we would not make much progress.
Tomorrow’s Technologies Rely in Part on Yesterday

How Carbon Fiber Makes for Lighter Materials

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Mankind has always sought new materials for building everything from structures to vehicles to tools and weapons. Today, classic materials such as brick, wood, and glass are still commonly used, but other lightweight structures have been developed in recent years for all kinds of applications. What are these lightweight structures? Carbon fiber design in today’s research labs and carbon fiber prototypes have shown that lightweight structures such as carbon fiber can be the future of construction. A lot of work and research is put into making these lightweight structures; after all, faulty materials would crumple and collapse if used for an application incorrectly, so lightweight structures like carbon fiber product or products should have some research backing them up. What are some of the statistics of these lightweight structur