Ideas for the Protection and Repair of Books

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Despite the rise in technology, books are still a super common thing. Whether you’re a student with text books that get you through your classes, a worker at a library, or just an avid reader you probably handle books on a regular basis.

Whoever you are and whatever your reason for caring about books, it’s good to know how to protect and care for them. They are relatively fragile and prone to wear and tear. Maybe you read books to your children every night and they have that special on that is their absolute favorite, so you want to keep it in good condition. Perhaps you work at a library and want to keep the property of the library safe and sound.

If you want some ideas on how to take care of the books in your life, then read on to learn about book tape, covers, and more.

Book Protection

A good place to start is with protecting your books. One way to do this is by purchasing covers for them. There is a variety of cloth covers that you can get to help avoid damage. They will keep your books clean and unmarked. You can also buy adhesive paperback covers.

If you work in a library and need to protect the labels on books, you can try label protectors. They are transparent sheets of plastic that go over your labels and you can get them with UV protection to avoid fading as well as in color tints to help organize.

Another handy trick is to use book tape ahead of time. Binding the spine of your book with book spine tape before damage happens can prevent future problems.

Book Repair

Book tape is also great for spine repair. It can help to bind books back together when they start to wear and come apart. It also helps to prevent further splitting of the spine.

You can also purchase book wings and corners. You place them on the corners of the covers or across the spine to repair damage or even add a layer of protection.

Another option is spine glue. You can paint it on or use a gun to seal spines back together when they fall apart.

You Don’t Have to Keep Replacing Books

Books aren’t always cheap and if they have sentimental meaning, there’s no amount of money that can replace them. You can utilize the protection and repair ideas to get the best out of your books and keep them around for as long as possible.

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