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Pipes and Their Valves and Meters

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 25, 2019. Posted in Brodie meter, Gear meter

Many liquids and gases used in today’s factories and plants are transported in countless miles of pipes, and these pipes have features in them such as liquid flow meters (such as Brodie meters or others), air eliminators, inline pipe strainers, vane meters, and more. All of this hardware, along with pumps and valves, ensure that liquids and gases are flowing as they are intended in these pipes. It’s a big industry today to build and maintain these various pipes and their features such as turbine pumps and Brodie meters and others. Any responsible factory or plant owner will make sure that all of their hardware is being looked after and kept in good shape, and repair experts may consult the readings on Brodie meters and other valve readers to check for problems. This can keep a plant running in good shape without expensive leaks or pipe bursts taking place.

The Pipes

One may first consider the pipes thems