3 Considerations when Choosing Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 29, 2018. Posted in Cdc storage and handling, Hepatitis a vaccine storage, Medical freezer

There are many reasons for medical refrigerators and freezers and their uses are vital for many reasons including vaccine storage. Vaccines are responsible for preventing diseases and prevent more than 2 million unnecessary deaths each year and have saved over 17 million lives from the measles disease since 2000. Critical storage measures, including storing them at the recommended 40 degrees Fahrenheit is crucial in ensuring that these vaccines work as they should, and this is where medical refrigerators and freezers come into play. Without these units vaccines and other medical supplies would be rendered useless. Choosing a proper unit can be tedious, but it is important. Follow these tips when it comes to choosing the right unit for your medical office.


You should choose a model of medical refrigerators and freezers that has an acceptable size for your office needs. A laboratory freezer should be adequate size to handle the largest amounts of products stored at one time. If you occasionally store many items in the main compartment, then you want to make sure it won’t affect the operation and cause the temperature to drop. If you occasionally have a surplus of vaccines, then you want to make sure that your vaccine freezer or vaccine refrigerator doesn’t have to work overtime to try to cool or freeze them. Temperature is critical, therefore you want to make sure to choose a size that can handle your largest batches or storage supplies.


The amount of time that you will be opening your medical refrigerators and freezers will make a difference in the one that you buy. If you will constantly be getting in and out of it, then you want to pick one that can maintain necessary temperature control despite the constant access in and out of it. You want to maintain the temperature without causing the refrigerator or freezer to work overtime. There are certain refrigerators that are designed to hold specific supplies, such as vaccines or blood samples. You should choose one that is specially designed to hold your required contents in order to ensure that the temperature will maintain a steady reading and the contents will not be harmed.


This is important for medical refrigerators and freezers. A digital display readily shows what the internal temperature is inside of the fridge or freezer. This is critical for items that must remain below a certain temperature in order to maintain their viability. The display should clearly read the temperature so that it can be viewed multiple times throughout the day. Periodic readings inside of the fridge or freezer should be performed to ensure that the digital display is correct and the reading is the actual temperature inside the unit.

Consider all these tips when deciding on the best medical refrigerator or freezers to purchase. Choose temperatures that match what you need to store rather than choosing one that offers the lowest temperature. The lower the temperature the more power the unit will require. Considering all of your options and researching all of your choices will help you make the best choice for your office and medical supplies that need to be stored.

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