5 Smart Reasons to Choose Clamshell Packaging

Written by Economic Development Jobs on July 29, 2018. Posted in Clam cases, Green packaging, Reusable clamshell

Businesses want to create packaging that satisfies customers. Unfortunately, a 2016 West Rock Consumer Insights Study found that only 14% of consumers feel that companies make efforts to improve packaging. This means that many consumers are likely dealing with all sorts of packaging problems. If you want your company’s packaging to keep customers happy, consider the clamshell. A clamshell is a type of blister package that is made to fold onto itself. In this post, you’ll learn five important benefits of utilizing clamshell packaging.

  • Keeping Content Safe During Shipping

    Before retail packaging arrives on shelves, it must be transported. During transportation, it’s important to choose a durable type of packaging. Without durable packaging, many types of products could become damaged or otherwise contaminated. This can potentially rob your business of large amounts of revenue.
  • Clamshell Packaging is Reusable

    Many types of packaging are used once and thrown away. This leads to large amounts of waste being tossed out, contributing to overcrowded landfills. If your company wants to reduce its environmental footprint, consider using clamshell packaging. These types of packages make it easy for customers to use them more than once. For instance, reusable clamshell containers make great ammo storage cases.
  • Made to Fit Wide Ranges of Products

    It’s important for a company to have versatile packaging solutions. After all, it’s unlikely that your company only makes one type of product. Considering that, clamshell packs work well for products of all sizes. In order to minimize wasted space, many companies utilize clamshells to keep products secure.
  • Allowing Customers to Clearly See Inside

    Customers understandably want to know what they’re getting. This helps to avoid customers opening up packages to find broken or otherwise damaged goods. With that in mind, clamshell packaging shows these customers exactly what they’re getting. This is one reason why you’ll typically see food displayed in clamshell packaging. In turn, this helps to create a kind of trust with each customer seeing your company’s products.
  • Extremely Tamper Evident

    Another important concern is keeping your products safe while on the shelves. Unfortunately, certain goods are going to become a target for thieves. In order to minimize this problem, you’ll need to have secure product packaging. Therefore, you’ll want to consider tamper evident clamshell packages. Tamper evident clamshells allow your products to be proudly displayed without any security concerns.

To summarize, clamshell packaging has many benefits for companies. It’s important to provide packaging solutions that appeal to your customers. In fact, one study found that 26% of those surveyed felt product packaging was an extremely important satisfaction factor. Clamshell packaging allows customers to have reusable containers which are environmentally friendly. In addition, tamper evident clamshells help to reduce instances of retail theft. If you want to offer customers great packaging while keeping your items secured, consider using clamshell packages.

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