Getting the Right Sign For Business

Written by Economic Development Jobs on November 17, 2018. Posted in Banner, Banners, Custom wall decor

Awareness for a business’s products or services is promoted through its marketing department, with anything from radio ads to television and Internet ads to outdoor signs, and the style, placement, and contents of these signs can make all the difference between booming business and being totally ignored. Many businesses, big and small, of different kinds will need good signs to get business moving and draw in customers to a location or to entice them into calling a phone number or visiting a website, or even attending an upcoming event. A custom sandwich board, for example, is necessary for any cafe or sandwich shop, and real estate agents and companies will make use of a good custom real estate sign to draw customers into the housing market and promote particular real estate agents and their business. Similar to a custom real estate sign, lawyers and their firms can use custom display boards or Continue Reading | No Comments

Five Great Reasons to Use Budget Posters

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 22, 2018. Posted in Backlit film for sale, Banner, Wall poster

When considering new approaches to traditional advertising, it might be a bright idea to research budget posters. Whether you’re looking for custom real estate signs, fundraiser signs, golf tournament signs or signage for any other type of event, there are many benefits to budget posters and custom event signs. And the bottom line is that budget posters get great results!

And let’s look at dollars and cents. Signage, including budget posters, definitely has a significant impact on sales. Sales revenue actually has been shown to improve directly when a sign is added, or changed. Popular thought is overwhelmingly of the consensus that the character, or tone, of a businesses’ sign is a viable reflection of reflects the quality of the business, according to 85% of consumers.

In addition, signage was cited as the reason that half of all customers decided to enter a busin