Is The Real Estate Market Dead? Five Common Misconceptions About Selling Homes In 2019

Written by Economic Development Jobs on April 9, 2019. Posted in Business founder, Entrepreneur

Real estate isn’t a dead career field. In fact, it might just be more popular than ever.

There’s a steadily growing population of Millennials interested in the art of homeownership. The market crash of 2008 is starting to bounce back, with Florida condos flying off the proverbial shelves and several ‘walkable’ locations proving very attractive to new families. Becoming an entrepreneur isn’t just listening to the doomsday stories. It’s also looking at all the evidence of things getting better, in one way or another. Real estate development is in need of new entrepreneurs with nuanced perspectives.

Will you be just what the industry needs to keep making a comeback? Let’s look at some of the most common misconceptions faced by the real estate market today and how you can be a catalyst for change.

Millennials Don’t Want To Buy Houses

This is one of the most pervasive misconceptions in the real estate market. There’s this idea that Mille