Fire Protection Systems Keep Your Business From Getting Burned

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 15, 2016. Posted in Fire alarm installation orlando, Fire alarm systems orlando, Fire protection engineering companies

Commercial fire sprinkler systems

Commercial property fires happen every year. That is not news to anyone. What might be news is the amount of damage they actually cause each year. As one example of many, hotel and motel fires kill an average of 15 people and injure 150 more while causing an estimated $76 million in property loss every year. Other property types such as hospitals and nursing facilities, office buildings, and apartment complexes also live with the fear that some day a fire could reduce everything to rubble, killing or injuring all who are inside.

The results of a recent survey found that out of 119 businesses polled, only 35% of them had an evacuation plan in place in the case of a fire in the building. Escape route plans are an important part of keeping people safe in the event of a fire, but more needs to