Pressure, Melting Points, Corrosion The Details That Go Into Making The Perfect Bellows

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 28, 2019. Posted in Custom bellows, Manufacturing methods, Metal bellows expansion joints

The quality of your equipment matters.

It’s why your clients and customers choose you over the competition. It’s how you save money in the long term. Quality begets quality, as the saying goes, and there’s a lot to gain from using the right materials from the get-go. Custom bellows are one of today’s most hidden and most utilized resources, responsible for powering our cars and keeping our plants running smoothly. Should you be doubting the quality of your bellows, the only logical step is to consider the missing pieces and adjust accordingly.

From the materials to the construction process, every step should be considered carefully.

How familiar are you with your metal properties? Even if you have years of experience under your belt, it never hurts to refresh yourself with the basics. Every type of metal has its own unique melting point, essential for bringing out the best in your bellows. Iron ore, for starters, generally melts at 2,750 deg