Contact a Staffing Agency to Assist Your Company With Filling Essential Positions

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Has your company been experiencing staffing issues? Have any of your recently hired employees left their positions within a month or so of being hired? As you’re likely aware, employee turnover can cost your business from 30% to 150% of each employee’s salary. Then there is the additional time and effort involved with recruiting new employees to fill these positions.

Recent surveys show that many organizations face staffing and other issues with employees. According to 46% of human resources professionals, retention is a major concern. After issues with employee retention, 38% of human resource professionals indicate that employee engagement is a concern. It is also a problem with 57% of organizations, as 22% of new employees leave within 45 days of their initial hiring date.

There are a variety of reasons why new employees may leave before settling into a position. McKinsey’s research indicates that diversity may be an issue in terms of employee engagement. Were you aware, for example, that employees at gender and ethnically-diverse companies tend to outperform their peers? Employees at gender-diverse companies are 15% more likely to do so, and employees at ethnically-diverse companies are 35% more likely to so. When a company is both gender and ethnically-diverse, this may further increase performance and employee engagement.

Do you have a structured on-boarding program? These types of programs assist employees with becoming acclimated to a company’s culture as well as learning more about their role within that company. When new employees participate in these programs, they are 58% more likely to remain with a company for several years, according to a recent survey.

Does your company have an employee recognition program? These, too, have proven to increase employee engagement. A survey found that 86% of the employers that reported having these programs noted their employees were happier as a result.

Since you’re looking for solutions to staff your company, have you considered working closely with a staffing agency? In the United States, there are over three million individuals that work on a temporary or contract basis for staffing companies. In addition to reviewing resumes and conducting interviews, 93% of staffing agencies will examine potential employees’ social-media profiles.

When you staff your company with the assistance of a job placement agency, you will be able to return your focus to daily business operations. Furthermore, when you staff your company in this way, these agencies will be able to provide other valuable resources to assist you with recruiting the best possible employees. The best employees are those that are engaged and productive at work, and are much more likely to be with your company for years to come.

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