Creative Advertisements Can Be Great as Long as They?re Not Too Out There

Written by Economic Development Jobs on September 30, 2016. Posted in Airplane signs banner, Letter banner, Plane banner

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There are many ways of creatively marketing your company?s brand and product or service. Some marketing strategies stick to conventional methods and work quite well, some more traditional marketing habits don?t work at all. Conversely, some creative ways of advertising work extremely well and some creative forms of advertising are? well? a little too creative.

An airplane sign, for example, is a perfect mix of creativity and conventionalism. An airplane banner advertising company started flying airplane signs behind planes in the 1920s and has continued to do so to this day. The airplane signs can either contain full messages, company slogans, phone numbers, or just a simple logo. This is a great form of marketing because aerial advertising costs much less than other methods.

Some ads, although creative, are absolutely wrong and should never existed, let alone get okayed through various marketing higher-ups at different companies.

Huuenen Beer in Chili, for example, released a T.V. add that failed miserably, but the advertising executives didn?t have the foresight to put an end to it. The T.V. campaign stressed a “Beer For Men” theme and the ad showed two men in split screen view, one in with pink dish gloves chugging a beer and another in a blue robe doing laundry and chugging a beer. So far, not too bad, right? That is, of course, until a big sign flashed on the screen in front of both the men saying, “INSTANT MENSTRUAL RELIEF.”

Wow. Not okay.

That?s only one example of an ad gone horrible wrong and that one is as recent as 2016. There have been hundreds of these that are so bad they actually ruined the images of these companies.

That should be the main goal for every advertising campaign in the world. Not how much money each ad will bring in or how many new customers will they gain, it should just be to not ruin the company image. If you can create an ad that doesn?t ruin the company brand and actually entertains the audience, then you have absolutely done your job as an advertiser.

Let?s all try to be a little less stupid with some of these ads as we close out 2016 and head into 2017. No more sexist, weird beer ads and please, for the love of advertisers everywhere, no more of this.

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