Finding the Perfect Warehouse to Rent for Your Business Needs

Written by Economic Development Jobs on July 6, 2017. Posted in Commercial real estate development, Warehouse for sale orlando, Warehouses in orlando

Renting a warehouse

If your business plans to sell tangible products, you may find yourself in need of warehouse or industrial space. Finding a suitable commercial warehouse to rent is imperative for many business owners. One requirement is that the warehouse space for rent is nearby and secure.

In the United States, approximately 166,907 men and women work in the storage and warehouse leasing industry.The amount of warehouse and occupied distribution space has increased by 86.2% since 2000.
This presents tremendous opportunities for owners and developers of warehouse and distribution space.
E-commerce is expected to grow at a compounded annual average rate of 10% over the next five years. It is not difficult finding a warehouse to rent locally in many large cities.

Finding a warehouse to rent will depend on the type of industry you are involved with. Do you require storing space, manufacturing space, or a combination of the two? Distribution warehouse space must be suitable to all the needs of your company.

A warehouse is mainly for storage and distribution of products. It may require equipment for packaging and labeling items in preparation for shipping. A manufacturing space is one where products are created, built and assembled. It may require special construction including high-volume power sources, reinforced floors, or high ceilings. A mixed flex space is a combination of manufacturing and warehouse space. Once you have determined the type of space you require, you can look online at property databases from the comfort of your office. Then you can spend your efforts on determining warehouse space needs.

Once you have narrowed down the possible commercial Industrial properties, you will want to make an appointment to see the property in person. Before entering into an office lease agreement, it needs to be inspected for all the necessary electrical, plumbing, lighting and other facilities. In finding a warehouse to rent, check out the square footage, the lease price, any additional costs and expenses involved, the duration of the lease and how well the property meets your business needs.

Other considerations could include fire-prevention systems, how much parking is available, if there is sufficient clearance for delivery vehicles, and if it is possible to modify the space if needed. Compare different facilities instead of going for the first one. You can then negotiate the lease terms Finding and leasing a warehouse space is a big step for your business. Take your time to consider your options and review any contracts with an attorney before you sign.

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