Learn More About How Socially and Environmentally-Conscious Product Packaging Can Increase Your Brand Awareness

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There are a considerable number of products that require packaging for shipping and display purposes. Given this, it’s not surprising that product packaging is a major American industry. Currently, it is known to be the third largest industry within this country. Given the ongoing consumer demand for packaging that is socially and environmentally-conscious, even a quality product’s success may be determined by whether or not a company keeps this in mind.

The Importance of Socially and Environmentally-Conscious Packaging

A recent survey revealed that the purchase decision-making process is affected, in part, by how a product is packaged. This applies to approximately 52% of global consumers that care about whether or not a product’s package demonstrates a brand’s desire to make a positive social or environmental impact. It’s interesting to note, for instance, that 90% of consumers will actually reuse a product’s package. Since this is a common practice for such a large percentage of consumers, it underlines the fact that reusing and up-cycling has become increasingly important.

The Benefits of Focusing on Product Packaging

When businesses respond positively to this desire for socially and/or environmentally-conscious packaging, they have experienced an increase in consumer interest. For those businesses that have shown considerable attention to this essential aspect, they’ve experienced as much as a 30% increased interest in their brand.

The use of premium retail packaging also contributes to product sales. Over 50% of consumers reported that they will purchase more products when a brand uses quality packaging.

Furthermore, online shoppers make note of branded packaging as well. More than 40% of these consumers were also more likely to recommend these products to friends or make posts on social media. Research shows that younger adults, particularly those within the Millennial age group, will post product photos after making an online purchase. In fact, they are 74% more likely to do so than consumers within other age groups.

Learn More About New Product Mockups for Packaging

Whether you have a new product that needs packaging or are rebranding an existing one, you realize the importance of making a positive social and/or environmental statement. An effective way to explore your options is through product mockups. In addition to customized product mockups, your company may also be interested in sandwich packaging mockups and shrink wrap packaging.

Other items of interest may include rub on or dry transfers for labels and informational inserts. When you speak with a representative, you’ll be able to learn more about the different types of available packaging. Once you have the perfect packaging for your products, there’s an excellent chance your customers will be posting photos on their social media accounts!

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