Taking Compact to the Next Level an Office in a Storage Container

Written by Economic Development Jobs on March 15, 2016. Posted in Cargo container modifications, New shipping containers, Office container

Office container for sale

If you are looking for a used storage container for sale, you probably have a pretty good idea what you are going to modify it into becoming. Storage container modifications rose in popularity a few years ago. Since then, people have flooded the internet with pictures of their new pop-up restaurant containers, office containers, even making tiny homes out of containers. You might be wondering how this trend has become popular; after all, isn’t a used storage container for sale meant to, well, store things for shipping? Read below to find out what you have been missing.

Why Shipping Containers?

We live in a world where pretty much anything can be shipped straight to your front door, from anywhere in the world. The shipping industry accounts for approximately 90% of all trading worldwide. That translates to somewhere around 20 million shipping containers crisscrossing the globe right now. The World Shipping Council’s data shows that the U.S., followed by China, were the top importers of goods in 2010. The data is measured in TEUs, or 20-foot equivalent units. For the record, storage containers are 20 feet in length. Wondering what this has to do with people making eateries out of big metal boxes?

The Toughness of a Shipping Container Cannot Be Beat.

Steel shipping containers are made according to rigorous standards. They are expected to hold up to the harsh, salty air of the ocean, the beating rays of a hot sun, and biting winds. This toughness is due to the building material, Corten steel. This specific brand of steel is made to endure extreme conditions, by developing a patina from exposure that builds another layer of protection around the steel. If you think a used storage container for sale may be on its way out, think again. It can handle the sun and sea; it can handle being made into an office just fine.

Just What Can a Storage Container Be Made Into?

Used storage containers for sale are not the most inspiring objects. It is literally a steel box, probably an ugly steel box from years of faithful service as a shipping container. But the right company can turn that hunk of metal into something incredible. Do you want to open a small concession stand where you serve off-beat snacks? Contractors can cut a window in one side and add shelving to store the inventory. Thinking about a small office space? Skilled workers can add a skylight, electrical outlets, and climate control options to make a personalized workspace. It is really a blank slate for your imagination.

While an unusual choice of building material, shipping containers can make great offices, shops, or even a pop-up restaurant. They are sturdy, and certainly will cost you less rent than some other options. If you find the right contractor to help you renovate, you can have that compact space you dream of.

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