Three Signs that it’s Time to Replace your Office Floor Mat

Written by Economic Development Jobs on July 25, 2018. Posted in Black chair mats, Chair mat for a hard floor, Office desk floor mats

Chairs have existed for over 5,000 years, but modifications with wheels, back support, and adjustable height only appeared in the late 20th century. Oddly enough, office workers still struggle to move around on office chairs and to find ways to sit comfortably throughout the day. One easy way to improve your seat is to find some quality office floor mats to improve the look and feel of your desk space. If you feel like sitting and moving in your office chair is a pain, here are three signs that the problem is with your office mat.

There’s damage to the floor.

Rolling chairs can wear down both carpet and hardwood floors because their wheels are made from tough plastic or nylon. While many chair manufacturers recommend switching your chair wheels to softer materials such as neoprene, the constant wear on your floor will still show. This is particularly important to consider if you’re leasing your office space, because protecting the floor is often part of a commercial lease agreement.

You’re having trouble getting around.

While rolling office chairs may be able to move on hard wood, they have trouble moving on rugs or high-pile carpet. If your office space has multiple surfaces, or if your employees are frequently rolling to each other’s desks, having a few office floor mats can allow them to scoot around with ease and comfort. You’ll also want to consider having mats available for older employees or those with musculoskeletal disorders, as they’re more likely to need smooth surfaces without lips or bumpy transitions in the floor.

You want to spruce up your office space.

There are, of course, traditional black chair mats and clear office chair mats, but you can also customize your mats for color, size, and design. Custom chair mats can add a pop of color or reflect your office’s unique aesthetic while also concealing a worn or damaged floor. Investing in a quality custom chair mat can make your office look more attractive without having to pay for, say, interior renovations or new furniture.

Be sure to ask your office manager or purchasing agent about the options available for your custom chair mats. Protecting your floor and maintaining the look and feel of your desk space is important, so make sure that everyone is able to express what they need to make their seat a little more comfortable.

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