Three Things To Think About When Considering Packaging Solutions

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 31, 2016. Posted in Cost of packaging, Custom corrugated displays, Custom packaging solutions

Corrugated pallet displays

There is a lot more that goes into the world of retail than most of us might imagine — retail is a busy, competitive world. Whether businesses sell their products online, in brick and mortar stores, or both, much of retail success or failure depends on appearance. Appearance isn’t just about pretty packaging, though that goes a long way. It also involves ensuring that packaging is both easy to open and secure. Appearance and practicality is a fine line to walk — but if you can, it pays off in the long term for your business. The fact is that packaging means more to consumers now than it ever did before. Reviews of products regularly mention packaging for several different reasons; and if your product has a similar price to a product produced by a rival, packaging could be what sets you apart. There’s much to consider when deciding how to package your product. Let’s look into what affects your packaging concerns, and why it’s important to think carefully before moving forward with packaging. So: what should you think about when it comes to packaging solutions?

1. Customized Shipping Boxes

Customized shipping boxes are definitely options for businesses that sell their products both online and in-store. While it’s true that about 70% of purchase decisions are made in-store, this doesn’t necessarily mean that consumers can take those products home immediately. Often times, the product isn’t available in-store and need to be shipped home. Customized shipping boxes are customizable in several different ways — on a practical level, and an aesthetic level. For example, your customized shipping boxes could be corrugated. Custom cardboard packaging often involves corrugated fiberboard, a material involving a fluted corrugated sheet and one or two flat linerboards. Corrugated boxes are common, easy to make products that are easy to customize. Boxes can be customized in size, making them easier to ship. However, they can also be customized to reflect your business and product — that is, on an aesthetic level. This kind of customization can make your business more recognizable. It’s also a nice touch; consumers simply get more excited and feel more valued when the package that arrives a their door is more creative and pleasing to the eye. The aesthetic is important, and it doesn’t just apply to shipping boxes.

2. Pallet Displays

It’s estimated that over 90% of all products delivered or displayed in North America have involved corrugated packaging. That is to say, not all corrugated packaging has to do with shipping and delivery. It also applies to displays. In-store displays need to be as creative as possible — though this doesn’t mean being loud or over the top when the advertised product is neither of those things. A good display can also be clean and precise, showcasing the products in as streamlined a manner as possible. According to an article in “Packaging Digest”, consumer decisions come down to five seconds at the retail shelf. Packaging design is majorly important in retail displays. If a display looks fantastic, people are more likely to buy in the moment — and if they don’t buy in the moment, they’ll be back and ready to buy at a later time because they remember it.

3. Cost Efficiency

When it comes to packaging display and shipping, it’s important to consider the cost. If packaging costs too much, there’s no point in using it. Certainly, more expensive shipping solutions drive up shipping costs for consumers, and can result in them choosing another product entirely. Cost efficiency is a major appeal of corrugated cardboard, and is one of the reasons why it’s a popular choice for retailers. It’s been the cost efficient choice for over 100 years now, and its 10 to 15% weight reduction over the past 15 years has made it less expensive to ship as well. The fact that this product is easier to recycle adds not only to its inexpensive nature, but its environmental friendliness.

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