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Where Your Really Losing Money How Dripping Pipes Cost Homeowners Hundreds of Dollars a Year

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The pipes that supply the hundreds of millions of residences and businesses across the nation often go overlooked by a majority of Americans, yet our lives would be very different without them. Indoor plumbing has created a number of opportunities for the American citizen, allowing fresh, clean water and utilities to make our lives easier and more comfortable. There are approximately 386,900 plumbers across the nation devoted to keeping the water flowing; here are some reasons why you may want to schedule a pipe inspection today.

Fixing Easy Leaks to Save Money

The average household absolutely hemorrhages money in the form of

Marijuana USA How to Legally Invest in the Single Fastest Growing Field Across the Nation

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Marijuana is becoming one of the most divisive topics in our nation as more and more states begin to see marijuana legalization on the ballet each November. Nearly half of all Americans have tried marijuana with around 52% of Americans believing that recreational and medicinal marijuana alike ought to be legalized. Citing examples such as legal alcohol, around seven out of ten Americans believe that alcohol is more dangerous to the health of individuals and society than marijuana. There are currently 23 states plus the District of Columbia that have legalized medical marijuana and a handful of states that have legalized recreational marijuana — here are some facts on the marijuana industry to help shed some light on this growing national movement.

Fighting Upstream


3 Kinds of Fire Surpression

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If you own a business, then there are certain regulations that must be followed, as you are probably well aware. One of those is regarding fire protection. Having some sort of fire alarm service is not only a legal requirement but is very important to keeping all of your workers and potential customers safe. Fires can start suddenly and grow quickly, leaving no time for anyone to do anything about it once it has already started. Having a fire suppression system in place helps to warn people with enough time to be able to get out of the building. In buildings that had a properly functioning fire suppression system, the National Continue Reading | No Comments

How Ecommerce Is Affecting Your Life–And Your Wallet

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Living in a digital world has brought about new changes to our collective society both in availability and accessibility. One major shift in global culture has been the shift to online purchases and merchants. In an unprecedented era, buyers in any part of the world with internet access (desktop or mobile) can browse, purchase and receive goods and services from merchants on a global scale (possibly the greatest gateway to global trade since the Silk Road–the real Silk Road).

In fact, an average of $1.2 million in global e-commerce sales are generated every 3

Understanding the Role Supply Chain Executive Recruiters Play In the Global Scheme of Things

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It’s funny the jobs that we don’t even think of on a routine basis, but ones that are integral to how we carry out our lives. The way we eat, drink, shop, and run our businesses are affected by food manufacturers, supply chain workers, software developers, and technical service engineers. Each person and position is a link in the chain that eventually brings us the items we eat, drink, and use every day. Supply chain executive recruiters help find the top level management positions that keep that chain running smoothly and efficiently. Positions such as quality control, distribution, logistics, and inventory management are key to making sure that the items we receive are on time, safe, and in stock when we need them.
What Do Supply Chain Executive Recruiters Do?
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