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How to Put Your Clothes Where Your Heart is

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It is common for people to get emotionally stirred up when they watch videos of what is going on in third world countries. Hearts go out to them and wish that things could be different. And the feelings are genuine, there’s no denying that. But how many actually follow through on those emotions? How many people vow to volunteer and give charitable donations and do all they can to start helping families in need compared to how many actually do it when push comes to shove? They aren’t to blame, really. Life gets busy, emotions fade and it’s easy to forget again. However, thank goodness for those that don’t forget. The ones that go home looking for donations th

Could Proposal Creation Software Help Your Business Grow?

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sometimes it is difficult to understand what makes one business flourish and another business fail. Consider the two following examples:
Business Idea #1 The owner of a small engine repair shop took over the business from his father. For the most part, days at the shop are spent repairing whatever machines are most in use. In the summer, the business services a lot of riding and push mowers, reworking their engines and sharpening their blades. Weed eaters and edgers also need service throughout the summer. In the winter snowblowers are the most frequent jobs. While some home owners think far enough ahead to get their snowblowers serviced in the summer and their mowers serviced in the winter, the most frequent tasks are in season rush jobs that need to be completed as quickly as pos