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Four Features of a Great Website

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Website design long island

Establishing an online presence is important to the future growth of a small business. Doing something as seemingly simple as creating a website can bring in new customers and keep established ones loyal by allowing them to be engaged with your product. The development of a website can be as simple as following some of the do it yourself templates offered online for free or you can pay for professional web development.The choice is yours. Whichever website design method you choose, keep these four features of a great website in mind.

  1. User-Friendly: No website design can be labeled a success if people find it to be too frustrating to actually navigate. A simple layout is generally the best, one that consumers will operate intuitively. Continue Reading | No Comments

Check Out That Package Pharmaceutical Packaging

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When we set our sights on something online or in a store, we’re typically more interested in the product itself than its packaging. But the way a product is packaged is not to be overlooked. A lot of thought goes into the way a product is packaged, both in terms of how it appeals to the consumer and also how effectively it secures the product within.

Puzzles and toys like Legos with a lot of small pieces are typically packaged in cardboard boxes that allow the pieces to move freely–after all, the point of these objects is to have the user put something together, so the pieces should be jumbled and free to roam. Other products, like batteries, toy cars, and sets of pens are usually confined in Continue Reading | No Comments