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Food Packaging What You Need to Know

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 18, 2016. Posted in Polyolefin shrink film, Thermoforming companies

Food packaging pouches

Investing in food packaging machinery can be expensive and confusing with an array of options available for different needs. Plastic food packaging can play a significant role in products attractiveness, cost, environmental friendliness and other issues. In fact, food waste can be reduced by over 1.7 pounds for every pound of plastic packaging, according to packaging experts.

Vertical form fill seal machines, which are often used in food packaging assembly lines, are usually used with continuous flat rolls of plastic film with artwork and labeling already printed or applied to the inside or outside of the plastic film. Food safety is, of course, Continue Reading | No Comments

E-commerce and Online Retailing Drive the Demand for Warehouse Space

Written by Economic Development Jobs on August 15, 2016. Posted in Determining warehouse space needs, Warehouse for rent in orlando, Warehouse in tampa fl

Finding a warehouse to rent

Warehouses have long been symbols of modern industrial and commercial activity. As this moves into a new phase with e-commerce and online retailers, warehouses remain essential to commercial activity. Retailers now have the option of renting a warehouse instead of building their own. Commercial real estate development firms take the responsibility of construction and maintenance, leasing commercial property for offices spaces, retail and warehousing and distribution.

Rising demand for warehouse space
At the present time, the storage and warehouse leasing industry in the U.S. is estimated to be worth $26 billion, and growing. In 2014, commercial real estate development absorbed an additional 70.2 million square feet of office space. This was the biggest expansion

How To Set Your Vet Practice Apart From Others

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Veterinary reminder cards

In the eyes of many people, pets are members of the family. This is even more evident for people who don’t have “human children”. A pet gives you someone to love, and for that matter provides people with companionship. For these reasons — among others — people are willing to invest in the care and keeping of their pets. And having a pet or multiple pets is quite an investment. There are the basics to worry about, like food, toys, and much more. But there are also plenty of vet bills, and they tend to add up over the course of a pet’s lifetime. It’s estimated that the vet care industry is worth a total of $14.37 billion. It’s no wonder, when you consider the fact that the average dog owner spends $219 per year on vet visits. And the average dog owner doesn’t have to think about more complic