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My Teen’s Spending Habits are Bankrupting Me! How to Start Saving Money on Clothing Today

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There are more than 40 million teenagers in the United States, and parents are trying to cut their spending down to size. Clothing, food, prom: teens rake in $90 billion every year, and parents say their teens’ spending is out of control. Teens spend thousands every year on clothing: name brand clothing is a must, but what happens when your parents are asking you to spend less? The best way to look great on a budget? Used clothing donations stores offer brand name clothing at discount prices. Teens across American are getting into the spirit of saving: recycled clothing is great for the wallet – and the environment.

Each year, American consumers waste more than 12 million tons of fa

How to Become a Purchasing Agent

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The job description for purchasing agent is pretty complex. Initially, you might think that it’s fairly simple; you buy products or services at a low price. However, it’s a little more complicated than that. The purchasing agent job description includes being solely responsible to find the best price available without sacrificing the level of quality. They have to be able to assess the current market condition throughout the whole purchasing process which includes looking into quality, reliability, price and availability. A purchasing agent also needs to evaluate the customer service that is available after the initial buying process as well as be a master negotiator. If the j