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What Is a Qualified Person in the Pharmaceutical Industry?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 21, 2016. Posted in Epedigree solutions, Flexible medical packaging, Medical blister packaging

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In the European Union pharmaceutical regulation, a qualified person (QP) is someone who provides medicinal products for human use.

Breaking into QP services can be difficult as people have to complete at least four years of both practical and theoretical pharmaceutical courses at a university. To become an equivalent member, a lesser version of QP services, you can go through a shorter university program that’s about a year or two less.

The programs that can lead you toward working in QP services include medicinal studies, veterinary medicine, pharmaceutical chemistry, technology, and biology.

In addition to schooling, to qualify as a QP in Europe, you must show proof that you have practical experience in physics, inorganic and organic chemistry, analytics, biochemistry, physiology,

How to Make Your Packaging Appealing to Millennial Consumers

Written by Economic Development Jobs on October 21, 2016. Posted in Blister packaging company, Clinical manufacturing, Stability studies

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Millennials are without a doubt, one of the most influential generations in American history. They are different from any previous generation in that they are connected to their electronic gadgets, are implementing radical ideas for the workplace, and from a consumer perspective, they expect a lot more. Millennials are actually changing how many companies package their products, from simple clothing items to medical blister packaging. So does your brand appeal to this generation? Read on to find out.

What does your brand say about you?

All in all, Millennials like to feel a personal connection to their brands. They will not invest in something unless they feel strongly and passionately about what the brand believes in, and who they stand for as a company. So you need to loo