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Is Your Business Looking for a New Commercial Lease Option?

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 24, 2017. Posted in Commercial property new lenox, Office space for rent new lenox, Retail space in westland mi

Retail space for lease new lenox

The amount of commercial property for rent in any given location often directly impacts the price of purchase and of rent. In locations where there are many opportunities for commercial property for rent, for instance, the rent can be a little lower. In locations where the commercial property for rent is limited, however, renters are often faced with higher priced leasing options.
Both large retail space for rent and small retail space for rent seek specific kinds of tenants. The specifics of a space can also di

Choosing the Right Office Cleaning Services for That Perfect Work Environment

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Green cleaning service

If you run or manager company, it is likely that you already know that the workspace is a sacrosanct area which needs to be clean and neat at all times. Having a clean workspace is one of the prime requirements of having an office which has the right kind of environment for productive and innovative work, and your employees deserve a clean and neat work area so that they can give you their best efforts. An office might sometimes be a difficult place to keep clean, mostly due to the amount of space that needs to be cleaned on a daily basis, and the kind of environment that such a place generates. Keeping an office screen is something that you should have on the top of your list of priorities, and this is one scenario where calling in the specialists might not be such a bad idea after all. Continue Reading | No Comments

LED Signs for Business An Energy-Efficient Choice

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School led signs

Are you familiar with light emitting diode, or LED, lighting? By 2019, this form of lighting is expected to comprise 53% of the global lighting market. LEDs are more energy efficient than other forms of lighting, and can be used for a variety of purposes, effective signage in particular.

You’ve probably noticed LED signs in front of businesses, schools, and government offices. Church marquees with LED lighting are also quite popular, and it’s possible that you have seen several church marquees in your own neighborhood or business location.

If you have a new business, what type of signage do you have on display? While it may seem that having any type of sign pointing to your business will attract customers, recent studies show that this is not the case. Even though 85% of your potential customers w

Why LED Signs Are Becoming The Go-To Options For Schools And Businesses

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 21, 2017. Posted in Church marquee, Marquee signs, Scrolling marquee signs

Digital led sign boards

A sign is everything. It’s how a school advertises the latest plays and events happening in the community. It’s how a business communicates its best intentions to would-be customers and repeat buyers alike. In a short, it’s everything in today’s modern world and something that should be actively considered when you need to bolster your own establishment or business in the eyes of others. A school marquee sign or electronic signs for business are not obsolete in the digital age, despite increasingly common belief, and can go a long way in helping you further relationships with consumers, visitors and prospective buyers. Let’s venture into the art of the sign and

Traits of A Good Advanced Cleaning Service For Your Business

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 19, 2017. Posted in Green janitorial services, Janitorial service, Janitorial services fresno ca

Outsourced janitorial services

There are so many benefits to hiring a cleaning service that you almost wonder why the demand for this service is not constantly at an all times high. But finding a great advanced cleaning service for you business is not always as easy as some may think. There?s several factors to consider. Let?s take a look at some of these factors when it comes to choosing the perfect cleaning services company for your business.

Look for honest and trust in your janitorial service provider.This especially the case when you hire an outsourced janitorial services. They?re not a member of your theme per say so leaving someone in the office late at night when

Four Simple Ways to Get Customers Through Your Doors

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Acrylic display stands

If you’re a small business owner, getting people through your doors is your money-maker. You already know this, of course. You’re probably thinking that if you could will people to come to your shop, you would. Since the power of telepathy doesn’t work, we’ve put together a list of simple, actionable ways to increase foot traffic in your shop.

Four Simple Ways to Get Customers Through Your Doors

  1. Make your first impression the highest priority.
    They say not to judge a book by its cover, but that’s exactly what your target market is going to do. You want every single aspect of the first impression that your potential customers get to be nothing but professional. You might think you have an artsy flare and can design your own store signage. Nope. Your

Questions to Ask when Renting Warehouse Space

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 10, 2017. Posted in Commercial property for rent orlando, Warehouses in lakeland fl, Warehouses in orlando

Renting a warehouse

A business owner wants to have the right kind of space for their business. In many cases, manufacturing companies need warehouse space as soon as possible. Leasing a warehouse does not have to be a stressful experience. A team of professionals can help find the right warehouse space to suit your needs. However, there are a few concerns you will want to have answered when it comes times to start location hunting. In this post, you will learn important considerations to make before renting warehouse space.

  • Presence of Workers: When renting a warehouse, will this be for storage or production? A warehouse for workers will need certain amenities, including bathrooms. However, storage space for
  • Location, Price Most Important Factors in Commercial Real Estate

    Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 9, 2017. Posted in Churches for sale, Portable cabins, Portable classrooms

    Portable building

    Commercial real estate is a lot different than residential real estate. While most home buyers have similar wants and needs, commercial users can have completely different needs, and a commercial building space may be overhauled and adapted throughout its lifetime to fit vastly different needs. Even buildings that may seem like they can have only one purpose, such as a church for sale, can be adapted to other uses. Here are some of the factors that figure into the sale and leasing of commercial real estate.

    One of the biggest factors that figures into commercial real estate is zoning. Just because a building may seem perfect for a certain purpose does not mean it can be adapted for that. For example, a large building with high ceilings being used as a sports facility might be perfect for a warehouse or

    Water Pollution Issues Continue to Emerge Around the World

    Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 8, 2017. Posted in Environmental health and safety management, Water and waste regulatory compliance, Water filtration systems, Water management systems, Water quality analysis methods

    engineeringWater pollution is a serious issue that affects each individual person on earth (as well as other plants and wildlife) and even plays a role in national economies. One country had planned major projects in hopes of improving the water pollution and an unlikely crustacean and its cost are both contributing to global water issues.

    In the U.S., roughly 25% of all beaches are closed at least once a year because of this water pollution. That’s why civil engineering projects and environmental consulting are so important. A country’s civil engineering budget should always set aside a significant portion of funds for water pollution control. According to Business Insider, China attempted to do this, but failed on a massive scale.

    After an audit, it was determined that China set aside $2.5 billion (17.6 billion yuan) for water pollution prevention projects for the 2016 fiscal year. The issue, however, is that those funds were missed.

    The $2.5 billion were supposed to go towards a total of 397 projects in 18 Chinese provinces, some of which would completely reinvent environmental protection laws for those particular provinces, but the money never made it. China’s audit office announced in December of 2016 that more than 3,000 people had been punished for improperly using those funds that were set aside for water pollution projects. The same office plans on auditing roughly $261 billion (1.8 trillion yuan) in other special civil engineering funds.

    In addition to the misplaced billions that could’ve helped improve the quality of water across the world, the price of shrimp is even directly related to water fertilization and pollution.

    Yahoo! News reports that a new study in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that hypoxia, a low-oxygen water issue, is actually related to the rising price of big-sized shrimp.

    “Many studies have documented the ecological impacts of hypoxia, but establishing a clear causal link to economic losses in affected fisheries has been elusive,” said Martin Smith, study lead author and professor of environmental economics at Duke University. “Because fishermen are catching more small shrimp and fewer large ones during these months, the price of small shrimp goes down and the price of large ones goes up, creating a short-term disturbance in the market that we can track.”

    Whether it’s properly allocating funds for major water pollution projects or being away of increasing prices for seafood, it’s important we all do our part to address the water pollution epidemic across the world.

    Indoor Garden Options Vary in Both Size and Function

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    Grow light kits

    It looks like the cold weather is finally leaving.
    After a weekend of having to cover the raised beds last weekend, the sun is finally shining again, and the vegetables that you planted are stretching their small beginnings toward that light. You know that the regional wisdom indicates that you should not plant flowers until Mother’s Day weekend, but you know that it will be difficult to resist the temptation to stop by your favorite indoor gardening store this weekend. Anxious for a little pop of color by your front door, you might even decide to buy a couple of large potted plants that. It might be too early to plant the flowers in your beds, but a couple of large pots will probably be fine, they will be close to the warmth of the house, and if you need to you can always bring them into the garage.