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Indoor Garden Options Vary in Both Size and Function

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 3, 2017. Posted in Clone machine, Indoor grow tent

Grow light kits

It looks like the cold weather is finally leaving.
After a weekend of having to cover the raised beds last weekend, the sun is finally shining again, and the vegetables that you planted are stretching their small beginnings toward that light. You know that the regional wisdom indicates that you should not plant flowers until Mother’s Day weekend, but you know that it will be difficult to resist the temptation to stop by your favorite indoor gardening store this weekend. Anxious for a little pop of color by your front door, you might even decide to buy a couple of large potted plants that. It might be too early to plant the flowers in your beds, but a couple of large pots will probably be fine, they will be close to the warmth of the house, and if you need to you can always bring them into the garage.