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LED Signs for Business An Energy-Efficient Choice

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 21, 2017. Posted in Church marquee sign, Electronic signs, Gsa signs

School led signs

Are you familiar with light emitting diode, or LED, lighting? By 2019, this form of lighting is expected to comprise 53% of the global lighting market. LEDs are more energy efficient than other forms of lighting, and can be used for a variety of purposes, effective signage in particular.

You’ve probably noticed LED signs in front of businesses, schools, and government offices. Church marquees with LED lighting are also quite popular, and it’s possible that you have seen several church marquees in your own neighborhood or business location.

If you have a new business, what type of signage do you have on display? While it may seem that having any type of sign pointing to your business will attract customers, recent studies show that this is not the case. Even though 85% of your potential customers w

Why LED Signs Are Becoming The Go-To Options For Schools And Businesses

Written by Economic Development Jobs on May 21, 2017. Posted in Church marquee, Marquee signs, Scrolling marquee signs

Digital led sign boards

A sign is everything. It’s how a school advertises the latest plays and events happening in the community. It’s how a business communicates its best intentions to would-be customers and repeat buyers alike. In a short, it’s everything in today’s modern world and something that should be actively considered when you need to bolster your own establishment or business in the eyes of others. A school marquee sign or electronic signs for business are not obsolete in the digital age, despite increasingly common belief, and can go a long way in helping you further relationships with consumers, visitors and prospective buyers. Let’s venture into the art of the sign and