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Reasons to Consider Aluminum

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Nickel 400

If you work in an industry that uses metal, you have multiple options. The most common kinds of metal used today are iron, carbon steel, aluminum, copper and stainless steel. For many industries, using copper and aluminum alloys is the way to go. One of the strongest kinds of metal that can be treated with heat is aluminum alloy 2014.

After iron, the most popular metal that is being used today is aluminum. In the earth’s crust, it is the most common metallic element. In nature, it is a silver and white color. It is a very ductile material. Although it is very common in the crust of the planet, it is not usually found in its concentrated form. The way it is usually found is trapped inside Bauxite rocks. The unique chemical and physical properties of aluminum and copper and aluminum alloys make it easy to u

Is Epoxy Coating Right For Your Floors?

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Aerospace hangar flooring

When renovating your flooring, be it in a residential building or your place of business, consider epoxy coating services. Epoxy coating services can educate you on the benefits of epoxy coating, what environments epoxy coating is best suited to, and a timeline for the renovation. Floor resurfacing solutions can be difficult to decide between, but epoxy coating provides an attractive, resilient option.

Epoxy coating is especially suited for industries and business with a lot of foot traffic and, depending on the level of said traffic, can last up to ten whole years. Epoxy coatings can also be used to coat

Color Matters In Direct Mail Marketing

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printing servicesWhen your potential customers are sifting through their mail, they may be dealing with a hefty stack. This is why it’s important that you make your direct mail materials stand out. About 39% of customers report trying a business for the first time because of their direct-mail marketing, so what can you do to appeal to this group?

The answer may be more simple than you think:

Choose the right color.

Color can evoke emotion and thoughts, unlike most other features. So, if your direct mail color scheme is visually appealing and ties to your brand, you can up your chances of turning a mail recipient into a client. Follow these tips for taking your colors to the next level before sending your materials to digital printing services.

  • Start With Your Brand: Some brands can be recognized from color alone, so this is a good place to begin. If you have distinct branding colors, incorporate these into your direct mail. Then the colors will evoke the same feelings as your logo and other marketing materials.
  • Learn Color Psychology: Different colors evoke different emotions. For example, yellow indicates youth and vitality, while blue evokes a sense of calm. Decide what you want your recipients to think and feel, and craft your colors around that.
  • Don’t Forget Typography: Your font type and color should be working together to deliver a message. If possible, select a custom font with a simple color. This will keep your materials looking clean, branded, and professional.
  • Use The Color Wheel: Remember to choose colors that actually go well together. Complimentary colors, or colors that are opposite on the wheel, are good combinations. Another option is to select similar shades that are next to each other on the wheel. For example, choosing a combination of purples and blues balanced with white.
  • Choose Backgrounds Carefully: The same text color may look different on various background colors, so be sure to try out different options. Make sure that the background-text combination is easy on the eyes and makes the text completely readable. Brighter is not always better.

Direct mail printing services may have more specific advice on incorporating color into your marketing materials. Your business may also consider sending out multiple versions of the same ad and seeing which gets a better response. Keep careful track of this data and adjust accordingly.

Four Ways that you Can Recycle More

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Gallon plastic jugs

Because the plastic industry is so prominent in the United States, it is more important than ever to find unique recycling purposes. According to the National Association for PET Container Resources (NAPCOR), 5,764 million pounds of PET bottles and jars were available for recycling in 2013. About 85% of those bottles are used for food and beverages, or 4,899 million pounds. While this is a good start to increase recycling initiatives, it will take much more than that to increase recyclability among plastic products. Consider implementing these unique recycling methods into your daily routine.

Make recycling a part of your weekly grocery shopping trip

Many homeowners have the intention of recycling, but then never seem to get around to it. Instead of putting off recycling each week, mak

Upgrading Transportation Management Software For a Changing Market

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Transportation management software

The LTL market is expanding rapidly as transportation needs change. The current market for LTL is estimated at about $35 billion, and that?s just one part of the entire transportation market. Every year, there are 12 million trucks, rail cars, and other vessels transporting goods all over the country, and about 5.9 million estimated commercial motor vehicle drivers operating in America. The value of moving all this freight is estimated by the Department of Transportation to increase in value from $882 per ton in 2007 to $1,377 per ton by 2040. And it?s trucks that carry the largest share of all this at the under 750 miles distance, whether you count in terms of net value, by tons, or by ton

Wellington, CO Plans for A $12 Million Water Treatment Plant

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water treatmentAs the year comes to a close, the people of Wellington, Colorado look back at 2017. What do most people remember? According to the Coloradoan, the nasty tasting water in the summertime.

Apparently, this is a regular issue for the Colorado town. Algae gets into Wellington’s main water source every summer, affecting more than 9,000 people. This issue encourages many of the citizens of Wellington to purchase bottled water by the case or even install highly expensive water filtration systems, so says The Coloradoan. This summer was particularly bad. The levels of geosmin, which is what causes the stinky order and bad taste, was 10 times higher than they had ever been, according to the town administrator, Ed Connon.

The recent winter months have greatly subdued the issue, for now. The algae dies, and many of the townspeople say that the water does taste better. Although this may be the case, many of the citizens are still complaining. Summer will return, and so will the algae.

Ed Connon says that his goal is to have water that no one will talk about. He wants a water that tastes bland, not like chemicals. To achieve this goal, the town is going to invest in a $12 million water treatment plant. According to the Coloradoan, the town of Wellington will have perfect, bland tasting drinking water by 2021.

Why does this matter? It means that it is attainable to get clean water, possibly for the whole country, no matter the local contaminants or infrastructure challenges. Only 3% of the water on Earth is fresh water. This means that we can only drink from a very small portion of the vast amounts of water on Earth, and that’s only after the water treatment process.

Recently, there have been many cases of unclean water in several places all over America. Flint, Michigan had a huge water crisis in recent years. Many other dry, hot states like California, Texas, and Nevada also struggle with clean drinking water.

With examples like Wellington, Colorado having a successful water treatment plan, it gives hope to many of us that one day, the whole country can have clean, chemical free drinking water.